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A.H. Systems has been established since 1974 and manufactures a complete line of affordable, reliable, EMI test equipment. Our individually calibrated EMI Test Antennas, Preamplifiers, Current Probes and Low-Loss Cables satisfy many test standards including CISPR, MIL-STD, FCC, EN, VDE, IEC and SAE. With a wide variety of mounting configurations, we can also offer tripods and accessories that compliment other EMI testing equipment used to complete your testing requirements. We are also committed to providing all of our clients with no cost prompt and professional technical support. Manufacturing high quality products at competitive prices with immediate shipment plus prompt technical support are our goals to improve the quality of your testing requirements.

Here is a pdf version of our product catalog.

A.H. Systems antennas

Antenna Beamwidth measurement services

  • Calibration up to 40 GHz
  • Quick Turnaround Times
  • Low Measurement Uncertainty
  • Expert Calibration and Characterization Services Since 1974 - Experience Counts

A.H. Systems antenna measurement testing facility is equipped with all the hardware, software tools, and experienced engineers needed to perform accurate, reliable antenna measurements on our and other manufacturers antennas. Our comprehensive testing capabilities (including antenna gain, beamwidth pattern and VSWR measurements) utilizing state of the art real-time data-acquisition software with analysis tools to provide a complete picture of the antenna performance, even while the test is still in progress. Antenna measurement services can be provided for distances up to 10 meters and frequencies up to 40 GHz.

Pre-compliance Solutions

Bilogical Antennas:

  • 25 MHz - 7 GHz
  • Linearly polarized
  • Transmit and recieve

For rapid deployment along with the mobility of small package, these Bilogical Antenna Kits provides an inexpensive solution to broadband applications. Each Bilogical Antenna Kit comes with a Folding Bilogical Antenna, tripod extension rod, cable, screwdriver and a rugged carrying case with an optional preamplifier cutout. Suitable for FCC, MIL-STD, VDE, TEMPEST, and immunity testing, each Bilogical antenna will provide reliable, repeatable measurements. The ability to sweep in one trace makes the Bilogical antenna a versatile performer.

Have a question? Call us or send us an Email and we will answer your question. Not only have we been in business for over 35 years, but also have worldwide representatives in over 21 different countries. Need test equipment in Asia, Europe, or the Middle East? With A.H. Systems, it's never a problem. We are here to assist you with your EMC/EMI test antenna requirements.

Shielding Effectivness Antenna Kits