Dipole Antennas 25 MHz - 3 GHz

These half wavelength resonant dipole antennas are the foundation of every compliance testing lab. Initial designed by Willmar K. Roberts, these precision made half wavelength dipole antennas are the ideal solution for site attenuation measurements. Each antenna is manufactured with a balun loss of less than 0.5 dB and a VSWR of less than 1.5:1 The half wavelength resonant dipole antenna is the simplest antenna from a theoretical point of view, and are commonly used as a gain reference.

Dipole Antenna Set


25 MHz - 1 GHz

These half-wavelength dipole antennas are an ideal solution for precise EMI measurements.

Dual Dipole Antenna Set


25 MHz - 1 GHz

Double Set of half-wavelength dipole antennas.

UHF/VHF Dipole Antenna Set



A.H. Systems T.V. Dipole Set provides an accurate standard for precise FM, VHF, and UHF testing.

low frequency dipole antenna


25 MHz - 70 MHz

Low frequency Tuned Dipole antenna

VHF dipole antenna


65 MHz - 180 MHz

Tuned half-wave dipole with telescoping elements

Half-wave dipole


170 MHz - 340 MHz

Half-wave dipole with tunable elements

UHF Precision Dipole


325 MHz - 1 GHz

UHF Precision Dipole with tunable elements

Broadband Dipole Antenna


160 MHz - 500 MHz

Linear polarized half-wave dipole with fixed tubular elements

High Field Dipole


160 MHz - 500 MHz

This broadband, high-field dipole antenna can handle 300 watts

Broadcast dipole antenna


500 MHz - 220 MHz

Efficient perfomance covering the common braodcasting frequencies.

TV-2 Dipole Antenna


325 MHz - 1 GHz

This Tuned Dipole Antenna is ideal for broadcast field measurements.

Sleeve Dipole Antennas

Sleeve Dipoles

1 GHz - 3 GHz

With excellent symmetry, our Sleeve dipoles are an excellent omni-directional reference antenna. Manufactured with low VSWR, these Sleeve Dipole Antennas can be made to your specified frequency.