Articles and Whitepapers

How to perform a basic bulk current injection test.

There are many different conducted susceptibility test procedures, here is an example of bulk current injection (BCI) test.

Collection of EMC Formulas and Equations

Here is a collection of frequently used formulas and equations typically used in the EMC industry. If you need to convert from one series of units to another or calculate field strength, power density and required power, then this section has your answers.

Selecting antenna/power amplifier combinations for the coming new RF immunity standards

This article explains different power amplifier / antenna matching combinations for some new RF immunity standards. Though far from certain, it looks as if 6 GHz is a strong canidate for the upper frequency for consumer products. (reprinted with permission from Interference Technology)

How to perform a standard Radiated Emissions Measurement test

This is a brief overview on how to perform a standard Radiated Emissions Measurement test. It includes how to set up, take measurements and calculate results.

Antenna Selection by Test Type

Here is a listing of some of the common test types and the appropriate antennas to perform that test.

Webinar - "Choosing the Right Antenna for Today's Testing Requirements"

A simple guide to determining the correct choice of antenna to match the test required. RF veteran Tom Mullineaux in collaboration with the experts at AH Systems presents the basics and a framework for beginners, as well as more advanced topics for intermediate and advanced test engineers - such as antenna beamwidth and how to address it. All levels of EMI test engineers, technicians and managers will benefit from this presentation.

Tuneable Dipole element lengths

This is a listing of our Tuned Dipole Antennas and the appropriate element lengths for each balun.

Webinar - "The 10 Factors You Need to Consider When Selecting an EMC Antenna"

The antenna is one of the least understood components in an EMC test instrumentation set-up, and a poor choice of antenna(s) can lead to multiple problems. this webinar, presented by AH Systems, guides you through the key parameters that need to be considered when selecting an EMC test antenna. Attendees will also receive a handy check list for practical future reference.

Webinar - "Problems in EMC Test Set-ups...and How to Fix Them"

Fixing faults in EMC test set-ups, especially those in test chambers, can tie test-staff down for an inordinate amount of time. So start saving time and money by finding out how to identify and fix them.

AM, FM and TV Frequencies

In order to help better identify signals of interest from ambient signals that might already be in the area, we have included a table of VHF, UHF, and FM frequencies, as a companion to our TDS-536 TV Dipole set, specifically designed for testing at these frequencies.

Antenna Terms and definitions

Here is a list of antenna terms and definitions for engineers and technicans commonly used with compliance testing.

Antenna Calibration Interval

Much of the success or failure of EMC test depends on the performance of a calibrated antenna. Antenna calibration is important to ensure repeatable, reliable data and this technical note will discuss calibration intervals.