Received Field Intensity and Power Density Calculation

Below is a calculation tool to help determine the received field strength (in V/M or dBµV/m) and convert that result into power density (µW/m2, mW/m2, W/m2, or µW/cm2 ).
Field intensity or power density calculations are necessary when:
  • estimating electromagnetic interference (EMI) effects
  • determining potential radiation hazards (personnel safety and RF exposure)
  • measuring or verifying specifications


Received Signal:
: dB/m
Cable Loss: dB
Preamplifier Gain: dB

Field intensity
Power density


Convert dBm to dBuV formula
Gain dBi to Antenna Factor formula

Field intensity (dBµV/m) = RS(dBµV) + AF + CL - G dBuV/m to V/m formula
Volts per meter squared to Watts per meter squared formula
All conversions are based on:
* 50 ohm impedance
* Far-field measurement
* Free-space conditions (impedance of 377 ohm)


A handy little Field Intensity and Power Density Conversion TableAdobe Acrobat

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Additional Resource

Field Intensity Calculations

Field Intensity Calculation

Here is a calculation tool to help determ the actual field intensity or power density at a given distance. [more...]

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