Antenna Kit AK-2G

  • Bilogical Antenna


Constantly changing for today's dynamic environment, A.H. Systems presents the proven line of Antenna Kits. Designed to meet the needs of your various testing requirements.


  • 20 Hz to 2 GHz
  • Individually Calibrated
  • FCC, MIL-STD, VDE and TEMPEST Testing
  • Rugged Construction
  • Three Year Warranty

CAGE Code: 54656
NSN: 5985-01-586-1915
Schedule B: 8529.10.9000

Product Details

Here is THE ORIGINAL, an icon for over 30 years. This antenna kit is one of the best known in the world, and for good reason. With enough antennas to complete most common types of testing, this basic set of antennas is the standard for EMC testing, and each antenna fits nicely into one portable suitcase.

Included in this kit is a Log Periodic Antenna, Folding Biconical Antenna, Active Monopole Antenna, Loop Antenna and two Current Probes and the required Cables and Adapters to connect to a N(f) receiver. A Tripod with Azimuth and Elevation Head and a Tripod Carrying Case also accompany this awesome antenna kit.

A basic set of antennas for general purpose testing up to 2 GHz.

Antenna Kit Specifications

Included equipment Frequency Range Description
TSC-AK Transit Storage Case
SAS-510-2 290 MHz - 2000 MHz Log Periodic Antenna
SAS-542 20 MHz - 330 MHz Biconical Antenna
SAS-550-1B 9 KHz - 60 MHz Active Monopole Antenna
SAS-560 20 Hz - 2 MHz Passive Loop Antenna
BCP-610 20 Hz - 20 MHz RF Current Probe
BCP-611 10 KHz - 150 MHz RF Current Probe
SAC-213 3 Meter N(m) to N(m) cable
ADP-202 N(f)to BNC(m) Adapter
ATU-510 Wood Tripod
AEH-510 Azimuth and Elevation Head
TCC-511 Tripod Carrying Case
Antenna Case Size: 28" x 23" x 10"
Weight: 35 lb.'s
Tripod Case Size: 46" x 8" Dia.
Weight: 18.6 lb.'s

Additional Resources

AK-2G Antenna Kit

Product Datasheet

Operation Manual

Typical conversion formulas

How to performa standard radiated emissions measurement

Shipping Information:
Carton 1 size: 33" x 25" x 12" Shipping Weight: 40 lbs.
Carton 2 size: 50" x 13" x 13" Shipping Weight: 25 lbs.
* These are approximate dimensions and will vary depending on other items ordered.

Recommended Accessories

AK-2G Antenna Kit
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0.5 Meter N/N Cable

SAC-213-0.5 - 0.5 Meter N/N Cable

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