Antenna Radome Enclosure ARE-571

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The ARE-571 antenna radome enclosure is an ideal solution for mounting the horn antenna in harsh environments.


  • Electrically Transparent, Low Attenuation
  • Long Term UV Resistance
  • High Impact Resistance
  • Flame Resistant
  • Includes both wall and pipe mounting

CAGE Code: 54656

Product Details

The ARE-571 antenna radome is a vacuum formed thermoplastic enclosure that offers excellent UV stability with minimal color shift over time when used outdoors. The radome cover is made of a high strength material to withstand abuse and still allow for excellent RF transparency. The ARE-571 Antenna radome also meets UL flammability standards which can be important in meeting local codes or fire regulations.

The antenna radome was initially made to fit the SAS-571 double ridge guide horn antenna, however it can house many other antennas. The radome housing includes the radome, antenna mounting plate, 2" pole mounting brackets, 18GHz RF cable and feedthrough connector.

Antenna Specifications

ARE-571 Antenna Radome
Diameter 17 1/4" (44 cm)
Height 15 1/4" (37 cm)
Weight 7 lbs (3.18 Kg)

Typical Antenna Data

ARE-571 Antenna Radome

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ARE-571 Antenna Radome

Product Datasheet

Antenna Mounting Configurations

Shipping Information:
Carton size: 21" x 21" x 26"
Shipping Weight: 25 lbs.
* These are approximate dimensions and will vary depending on other items ordered.

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ARE-571 Antenna Radome