Active Monopole Antenna SAS-550-1B

  • Low Frequency Active Monopole Antenna Low Frequency Active Monopole Antenna
  • Monopole with Element Monopole with Element


A.H. Systems Active Monopole Antenna is an active, general-purpose, broadband monopole antenna.


  • 9 KHz to 60 MHz
  • Individually Calibrated
  • FCC, MIL-STD, VDE and TEMPEST Testing
  • Rugged Construction
  • Three Year Warranty

CAGE Code: 54656
NSN: 5985-01-546-0573
Schedule B: 8529.10.9000

Product Details

Looking for the perfect for low frequency omni-directional antenna. The SAS-550-1B active monopole antenna is ideal for instantaneous bandwidth scanning (without tuning) of electric fields from 9 KHz - 60 MHz. It's well suited for test technicians performing FCC, MIL-STD and CISPR low frequency tests. A fully charged hefty 2000 mAH battery will last a full work day for continuous testing, and this 41" (104cm) rod antenna has a signal output connector that is electrically bonded to the matching network case per MIL-STD 461F. This model boasts A.H. Systems' amazing 3 year warranty too, so you've got complete peace of mind.

The active monpole antenna was recently redesigned to accept a telescoping rod with a 1/4-20 thread, instead of a BNC connector, which makes for a better electrical performance as well as an improved rugged design. The slightly larger diameter of the telescoping rod will require a 12 pF capacitance fixture to conform to the CISPR 16-1-6:2017 and ANSI 63.5:2017 standards.

    Included parts:
  • SAS-550-1B Antenna Base with ground plane
  • Telescoping Antenna Element
  • Battery Charger
  • Antenna Calibration Manual

* Calibration data and certificate included.

Antenna Specifications

SAS-550-1B Active Monopole Antenna
Frequency Range: 9 KHz - 60 MHz
Antenna Factor: 0 dB/m
Impedance: 50 ohm
Pattern Type: omni-directional
Output Connector: BNC-Type, female
Mounting Base: 1/4 - 20 Thread, female
Physical Dimensions:
Ground Plane Dimensions: 18 in. X 18 in. (45.7 cm x 45.7 cm)
Optional 24" (60cm) is available
Rod Length: 8.5 in. - 43 in. (21.6 cm x 109.2 cm)
Rod Diameter (Ave): 6.17mm
Weight: 4.7 lbs. (2.13 kg)
Supplied Accessories
Battery Charger (P/N: 2351)
Telescoping Element, 1/4-20 Thread (P/N: 2337-2)

Typical Antenna Data

SAS-550-1B Active Monopole Antenna

Additional Resources

SAS-550-1B Active Monopole Antenna

Product Datasheet

Operation Manual

Outline Drawing

Shipping Information:
Carton size: 21" x 21" x 5"
Shipping Weight: 8 lbs.
* These are approximate dimensions and will vary depending on other items ordered.

Recommended Accessories

SAS-550-1B Active Monopole Antenna
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ECSM Fixture

ECSM Fixture - ECSM Fixture

The ECSM capacitance fixture kit used for system checks and calibration of the active monopole antennas. One of the functions of the matching network is to convert the high impedance input of the antenna element to the 50 ohm impedance of the measurement receiver. The 12 pF capacitor ensures that the correct source impedance is present during the check.