Biconical Antenna Comparisons 20 MHz - 18 GHz

Below is a comparison of the different versions of biconical antennas that we offer and their unique features.

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Traditional Biconical Antennas

SAS-540 SAS-542 SAS-543 SAS-544 SAS-544F
Frequency 20 MHz - 330 MHz 20 MHz - 330 MHz 20 MHz - 300 MHz 20 MHz - 300 MHz 20 MHz - 300 MHz
Max Input Power 1 watt 1 watt 1000 watts 300 watts 300 watts
Max Radiated Field 2 V/m 2 V/m 100 V/m 20 V/m 20 V/m
Element type Rigid Folding Rigid Rigid Folding
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High Frequency Biconical Antennas

SAS-545 SAS-547
Frequency 30 MHz - 1 GHz 1 GHz - 18 GHz
Max Input Power 200 watt 50 watt
Element type Removable Fixed
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Biconical Antenna Selection

Biconical Antenna Selection for Compliance Testing

Application Note

The Biconical Antenna is considered a standard workhorse for every compliance test lab. Used in a variety of applications such as radiated emissions, immunity and shielding effectiveness testing; this application note will help guide the decision process of which Biconical Antenna to purchase.