H-Field Rod Antennas 100 Hz - 30 MHz

The A.H. Systems' set of H-Field Rods provide an accurate standard for magnetic field testing. The rods are available individually or in a set of four to cover the frequency range of 100 Hz to 30 MHz. For those situations when improved sensitivity is desired in magnetic field testing, the H-Field Rod is an effective alternative to traditional loop antennas. One amplifier pre-assembled to a metallic ground plane covers the entire frequency range and can be used with any or all of the H-Field Rod elements. Click on a model below to learn more about it's characteristics.

H-Field Rod Antenna Set


100 Hz - 30 MHz

For applications where high sensitivity is required, A.H. Systems set of H-Field Rods provides an accurate standard for magnetic field testing.

Low Frequency H-Field Rod


100 Hz - 100 KHz

Designed for low frequency magnetic field testing applications.

Magnetic field rod antenna


20 KHz - 2 MHz

An accurate standard for magnetic field testing up to 2 MHz.

Ferrite Rod Antenna


1 MHz - 10 MHz

Ferrite rod loop antenna.

H-Field Rod Antenna


5 MHz - 30 MHz

High frequency ferrite rod antenna.

H-Field Rod Preamplifier


100 Hz - 30 MHz

Low input impedance preamplifier made to match to the H-Field Rod antenna series. This preamplifier operates efficiently over the 100 Hz to 30 MHz frequency range.