Octave Horn Antennas 1 GHz - 8 GHz

The A.H. Systems' Octave Horn Antennas is an octave bandwidth pyramidal horn antenna that offers excellent half power performance. With low VSWR, high input handling capability and rugged design make this horn antenna excellent for both immunity and emissions testing. One advantage to the Octave horn antennas is that the half power beamwidths are equal in both the horizontal and vertical polarities which makes them ideal for radiated immunity testing


1 GHz - 2 GHz

This Octave horn antenna has medium gain and low VSWR; excellent for both immunity and emissions testing.

Octave Horn Antenna


2 GHz - 4 GHz

Linearly polarized octave horn antenna.

Octave Horn Antenna


4 GHz - 8 GHz

High power handling capability makes this Octave horn antenna excellent for immunity testing.