High-Frequency, Low-Loss RF Cables

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Our Low-Loss High-Frequency flexible cables are the preferred choice over standard cable types. With improved power handling, low VSWR, and high frequency capabilities, the Low-Loss cables can be made to your specified length and delivered in two days.


  • Frequency Range from DC to 40 GHz
  • Precision N, SMA, 2.9mm Type Connectors
  • Three Year Warranty

CAGE Code: 54656
Schedule B: 8529.10.9000

Product Details

AH Systems assembles high performance microwave cable that utilizes only the very best materials. With plenty of raw stock on hand, we can create a custom length high precision cable assembly within a few days. The outer jacket is a tough, high temperature thermoplastic that can withstand temperatures from -65° to +200° Celsius. All this adds up to a very superior microwave cable product that can meet the most demanding requirements. This product line has three different sizes of cable designed to operate from DC- 40 GHz. Please call us and discuss your needs with one of our design engineers.


Low Loss Cables
Model SAC-18G-X SAC-26G-X SAC-40G-X
Frequency Range Up to 18 GHz Up to 26 GHz Up to 40 GHz
Connectors precision N(m) SMA(m) 2.9mm(m)
Standard Length 3 Meters 3 Meters 1.5 Meter
Size O.D. 0.310" 0.220" 0.145"
RF Leakage > 100 dB to 18 GHz > 100 dB to 18 GHz > 100 dB to 18 GHz,
80dB up to 40 GHz
Min Bend Radius 2.0" 1.0" 0.5"
Max Power @ 1 GHz 1900 Watts 720 Watts 540 Watts
Max Power @ 18 GHz 400 Watts 160 Watts 100 Watts
Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet
Replace the "X" with the desired length in meters

Typical Data

Low Loss Cables

Attenuation calculators
Enter in the desired cable length in meters and the frequency in GHz
to calculate the total cable attenuation.
Length in Meters Freq in GHz
SAC-18G- at GHz has a loss of
SAC-26G- at GHz has a loss of
SAC-40G- at GHz has a loss of
* Actual measured values may vary from the calculated values based
on manufacturing tolerances, and measurement accuracy

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Low Loss Cables