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We offer a full range of adapters.


  • FCC, MIL-STD, VDE and TEMPEST Testing
  • Rugged Construction
  • Three Year Warranty

CAGE Code: 54656
Schedule B: 8529.10.9000

Product Details

We carry a large variety of high quality microwave RF adapters. These coaxial adapters are designed and manufactured for low VSWR and low insertion loss. The standard offering covers the frequency range from DC to 40 GHz and includes various interface options from BNC to 2.92 mm (K) connector types in both male and female interfaces.

If you do not find the connector or adapter that you need please contact us. We add connectors and adapters to our inventory faster than they can be added to the website and should you require a connector not shown we may have it.

  • Type N (standard and precision high frequency)
  • BNC
  • SMA (including 3.5mm 2.9mm)
  • 7/16 DIN


RF Adapters

Model Description
ADP-201 Adapter, BNC(f) to N(m) up to 7 GHz
ADP-202 Adapter, BNC(m) to N(f) up to 7 GHz
ADP-203 Adapter, SMA(m) to N(f) up to 18 GHz
ADP-204 Adapter, N(m) to N(m) up to 10 GHz
ADP-205 Adapter, N(m) to N(m) up to 18 GHz
ADP-206 Adapter, N(m) to SMA(f) up to 18 GHz
ADP-207 Adapter, N(f) to SMA(f) up to 18 GHz
ADP-208 Adapter, N(m) to N(f) 90 Deg. up to 10 GHz
ADP-209 Adapter, 3.5(f) to 3.5(f) up to 26 GHz
ADP-210 Adapter, 3.5mm(m) to 3.5mm(m) up to 26 GHz
ADP-211 Adapter, 2.9mm(m) to 2.9mm(m) up to 40 GHz
ADP-212 Adapter, N(m) to SMA(m) up to 18 GHz
ADP-213 Adapter, 2.9mm(f) to 2.9mm(f) up to 40 GHz
ADP-214 Adapter, BNC(f) to BNC(f) up to 7 GHz
ADP-215 Adapter, N(f) to N(f) up to 18 GHz

* other adapters available upon request

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