Tripods and Mounting Adapters for compliance testing

Our tripods and antenna mounting adapters are specificly designed to meet the needs of any Test lab Click on a model below to learn more about it's characteristics.

Wood Tripod


Wood Tripod

The ATU-510 Tripod is used to position, support, and stabilize most compliance test antennas.

Fiberglass Tripod


Plastic Tripod

This collapsible tripod is built with all non-metallic materials that will not influence your antenna measurements.

Azimuth and Elevation Head


Az and El Head

Azimuth and Elevation head to assist test engineers in orientating the compliance antenna towards the EUT.

Wooden Extension Legs


Wooden extension legs

These wooden extension legs are used with the ATU-510 Tripod to extend the maximum height of the tripod.

Tripod Carrying Case


Rigid Tripod Carrying Case

This tripod carrying case will house any of our tipods and made with heavy duty material for added protection.

Soft Tripod Carrying Case


Soft Tripod Carrying Case

Soft padded tripod case to house any antenna tripod and mounting adapters.

Rugged Tripod Carrying Case


Large Tripod Carrying Case

Large rugged tripod case to house any antenna tripod, extension legs and mounting adapters.

Vertical Extension Rod


Vertical Rod

The VER-60 is used to extend the antennas mounting point vertically off of the tripod.


adjustable pole clamp

The EPC-1 is an adjustable mounting clamp for a one inch pole for attaching antennas.

Antenna Balun Clamp


Balun Clamp

Plastic balun clamp to mount the dipole antenna series antennas to a tripod.


Balun Clamp

Plastic balun clamp to mount the biconical series antennas to a tripod.

Log Periodic Antenna Mount


Log periodic mount

An adjustible mount to attach our log periodic antennas to a tripod.

Antenna Extension Rod


Tripod Extension

The BTE-510 is used to extend the Bilogical Antenna horizontally off of the tripod.

Antenna Radome


Antenna Radome

This antenna radome enclosure is an ideal solution for mounting the horn antenna in harsh environments.