10 Factors in selecting an EMC Antenna

Webinar - "The 10 Factors You Need to Consider When Selecting an EMC Antenna"


The antenna is one of the least understood components in an EMC test instrumentation set-up, and a poor choice of antenna(s) can lead to multiple problems including erroneous test data, failed tests, lengthy or difficult test procedures, and challenges with repeatability. Useful to beginners and the more experienced alike, this webinar, presented by AH Systems, guides you through the key parameters that need to be considered when selecting an EMC test antenna. Attendees will also receive a handy check list for practical future reference.

The recording of the webinar can be found at EMClive2015 website:
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Test Bootcamp - EMC Live 2015

Webinar supporting notes and downloads

EMC Antenna selection Handy Checklist

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VSWR vs. Returned Power VSWR Cheat sheet
Antenna Factor Concept
Antenna Factor Calculation

Tom Mullineaux

An author and RF Engineer, Mullineaux has been in the EMC industry for 20 years, both as a supplier to the industry, and as a hands on program manager, achieving EMC compliance for new products. Mullineaux received his degree in electrical and electronic engineering from Portsmouth University, England, and is a prolific writer of EMC related articles, with all articles having a strong slant towards the engineering basics behind the tests. He has given many IEEE society presentations, most looking at the physics behind today's commercial, automotive and MIL-STD tests.

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