Antenna Maintenance

Recommended Antenna Maintenance

While it is not necessary before each test, these maintenance measures go a long way. Not only will they keep critical features in working order, they can also help protect and extend the life of your antenna. We are here to offer a helping hand with these maintenance tips:

Recommended verification for improved antenna performance
Of course, it doesn't hurt to perform any of these tasks more frequently, but once or twice a year will typically be enough. Reference your A.H. Systems owner's manual for proper maintenance procedures for your particular model.


Antenna Preventative Maintenance Checklist Adobe Acrobat.

Antenna Maintenance Log Adobe Acrobat.


At our facility, we calibrate our own antennas, as well as, most other brand antennas in accordance with SAE, ANSI, IEEE and CISPR specifications. See our Antenna Calibration capabilities.