Choosing the Right Antenna

Webinar - "Choosing the Right Antenna for Today's Testing Requirements"


How to choose the correct EMC test antenna based upon the requirements of the standard. A simple guide to determining the correct choice of antenna to match the test required. RF veteran Tom Mullineaux in collaboration with the experts at AH Systems presents the basics and a framework for beginners, as well as more advanced topics for intermediate and advanced test engineers - such as antenna beamwidth and how to address it. All levels of EMI test engineers, technicians and managers will benefit from this presentation.

The recording of the webinar can be found at EMClive2015 website:
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Tom Mullineaux

An author and RF Engineer, Mullineaux has been in the EMC industry for 20 years, both as a supplier to the industry, and as a hands on program manager, achieving EMC compliance for new products. Mullineaux received his degree in electrical and electronic engineering from Portsmouth University, England, and is a prolific writer of EMC related articles, with all articles having a strong slant towards the engineering basics behind the tests. He has given many IEEE society presentations, most looking at the physics behind today's commercial, automotive and MIL-STD tests.

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