Magnetic Field Conversions

Here is our easy to use conversion tables for common magnetic field measurement units. With magnetic field testing sometimes it becomes necessary to convert from one unit of measure to another. This magnetic field conversion chart provides the conversion relationship between different types of magnetic field units.

Dowlaod our Adobe Acrobat Magnetic Field conversions sheet
or use any one of the calulators below:

dBuA/m dB Gauss dBpT dBuV/m dBWb/m2 dB gamma

dBpT dB Gauss dBuA/m dBuV/m dBWb/m2 dB gamma

dB Gauss dBpT dBuA/m dBuV/m dBWb/m2 dB gamma

dBuV/m dB Gauss dBpT dBuA/m dBWb/m2 dB gamma

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